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Originally Posted by obonicus View Post
Well, okay. A lot of this hinges on how savvy the average customer is, and I can't argue on that because it'd just be baseless speculation anyway. But the thing is, the elite used to be a good deal. In fact, before HDMI became standard, it was probably the best deal if you didn't already own a 360. Even after HDMI became standard it was a pretty decent deal. It's just been made to look worse and worse comparatively: MS really hasn't done anything to make the package more attractive since it was released, relative to the other SKUs.

I think this is fairly silly. It's just a name. Why not create a new Premium SKU titled 'The Best', and draw a glass of champagne and a Ferrari on the box? I own an elite. I bought it because it was a good deal, not because it's an 'Elite'. Your argument might hold if we were talking about shopping for yachts. Just having a fancy name doesn't automatically make it a luxury item.

Well to the first part, I agree. They should sweeten the pot of Elite by throwing in a wireless adapter or something. Then again if they did that, it would probably become the most attractive SKU again, and I'm not sure thats a good thing, because it's the most expensive. So strategy wise, it's probably best to marginalize the Elite.

To the second part, that doesnt make any sense. The Elite is an sku targeted at a specific customer, who is not going to quibble over a few bucks.
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