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Originally Posted by BadTB25 View Post
I will probably update to an Elite this holiday, depending on the bundles available and if it's at the same or lower price. At this point, I really hate having to clear space to download demos and game videos, which I tend to keep even after the game releases.

I'm also hoping to have more room for Rock band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour dlc. The one thing that I envy my PS3 over my X360, besides the drive noise, is the user upgradable hardrive.

The other advantages of the Elite are mostly comsmetic in my eyes. I use a VGA cable for gaming (got it for <$10), so HDMI isn't a plus for me and the black color, while more desirable, doesn't justify the cost at this time.

Also, hopefully the new mobo will be out by then.
One problem with the black color is that it's harder to find accessories. It's shallow, but I've been thinking of buying one of those keyboards, and I'm sorta bugged that I can only find the white one. Same for stuff like Play 'n' charge kits -- I own one, but I'm slightly bummed that the battery pack, though black, is actually a different shade of black from the controller itself.
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