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Hi every one , Iím Bruce Dell (though Iím not entirely sure how I prove that on a forum)

Any way: firstly the system isnít ray tracing at all or anything like ray tracing. Ray tracing uses up lots of nasty multiplication and divide operators and so isnít very fast or friendly.
Unlimited Detail is a sorting algorithm that retrieves only the 3d atoms (I wont say voxels any more it seems that word doesnít have the prestige in the games industry that it enjoys in medicine and the sciences) that are needed, exactly one for each pixel on the screen, it displays them using a very different procedure from individual 3d to 2d conversion, instead we use a mass 3d to 2d conversion that shares the common elements of the 2d positions of all the dots combined. And so we get lots of geometry and lots of speed, speed isnít fantastic yet compared to hardware, but its very good for a software application thatís not written for dual core. We get about 24-30 fps 1024*768 for that demo of the pyramids of monsters. The media is hyping up the death of polygons but really thatís just not practical, this will probably be released as ďbackgrounds onlyĒ for the next few years, until we have made a lot more tools to work with.

SQRT may I ask what company you are from, all appointments in America where pushed till May.
Please contact me

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