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Originally Posted by Jawed View Post
I thought about MXM for rack-mounting but then decided that "embedded" isn't the same concept as rack-mounting.

Embedded is something you deliver in a package - it might be a beefy laptop as you argue or it might be "mini-compute" type thing that operates as a desktop/deskside unit. Or something like a medical visualisation unit?

Deskside, you might as well use standard PCIe things because there aren't really restrictions on the form-factor. I think MXM will be for racks, probably not for laptops (I can't imagine that AMD will decide to restrict Brook+/CAL/CTM to FireStream at this point, and double precision for 99.9999999% of laptops seems ridciculous) because consumer RV670s will work there, and then they'll probably just put the FireStream cards in a deskside unit, just like the Tesla deskside thing (probably cheaper and simpler to use external PCIe and standard cards than anything crazy).

Unless you want to talk about embedded for, say, cars, robots, things like that. That would be intriguing.
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