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AlNets 05-Apr-2011 15:55

B3D News Item: Anonymous Hacker Group Target Sony
In an open declaration of digital war, it seems Sony has got the attention of the Anonymous hacking group over the GeoHot issue.



Shifty Geezer 05-Apr-2011 16:05

This discussion is currently redirected to the Ethics forum discussion here.

I can confirm yesterday the websites for PSN were down when I tried to look up a friend's status, but reports of PSN itself being down were untrue. I heard the store was attacked too but don't know if they got that far.

The actual situation has progressed with reports of a subgroup, SonyRecon, collating personal information for future attacks, with unsubstantiated rumours that individuals have been the targets of malicious internet attacks.

All in all though, I don't think there's any relevant console discussion that isn't closely tied to how disgreeable lots of people are being, which is an ethics topic, so I'll close this thread and point everyone to the ongoing Ethics of PS3's hackers thread.

AlNets 05-Apr-2011 16:06

Ah whoops. Didn't see it. I figure it should be in a new thread though (or move this thread). ;)

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