View Full Version : Barracuda ES2 and Barracuda IV ATA reviews

27-Jun-2002, 18:35
GotApex has posted a review of the Barracuda ES2 and Barracuda IV ATA Hard drives.

"Ultra320 is the latest iteration of the venerable SCSI standard which doubles the speed of the SCSI bandwidth. While this may seem a bit extreme, the rubric for SCSI has always been to keep the max bandwidth of the interface at four times the speed of the fastest sustainable transfer rate for the fastest hard drive. With Seagate's drives reaching past 70MBps, the newest standard is a necessity to keep performance at its peak levels."

You can read more here (http://www.gotapex.com/reviews.php?rev=misc/seagate/index.html)

27-Jun-2002, 20:55
Way beyond 3D.

Do you want to be a 3D site or a generic hardware site? We are confused. (As usual. A back-firing pun itended.)

27-Jun-2002, 20:55
Oh God I hate the pop-up. Can't help I guess.

27-Jun-2002, 22:56
You must remember that the ES2 and the ATA IV have a few fundamental differences. The benchmarks highlight these differences showing that, while mechanics may be similar, there is a lot more to SCSI than just faster speeds.

He might have wanted to add "even if I cant come up with correct benchmarks to show it" :) A maximum difference in the positive sense of 5% and in the negative sense of a couple of dozen % hardly supports the conclusion.