View Full Version : Graphics Programmer at SCEE London

Joe MM
26-Jun-2012, 10:16
This is an opportunity to work on the shaping of a newly developed set of graphics libraries which will become the core graphics technology for the prestigious London studio for many years to come. In parallel with this, there is the opportunity to work on cutting edge effects for our new concepts, building on the very latest graphics research.

Apply here (http://www.playstationjobs.co.uk/vacancy/456-Graphics-Programmer&page=1).

Role Overview

Work on a newly developed high-performance cross-platform graphics engine:
Help guide the direction of its development
Implement and extend the low-level graphics API
Implement and extend the multi-threaded high-level world rendering system
Implement shading models
Profile, optimise and trouble-shoot

Join us in applying cutting edge graphics research in numerous areas to differentiate the visual presentation of our games, and set the bar for the industry:
Real-time Global Illumination of fully dynamic scenes using Instant Radiosity
High fidelity materials and physically based shaders
Fluid simulation and rendering
Volumetric lighting and shadows
Procedural geometry: fur, hair, grass
Advanced post-processing techniques
Next generation particles and volumetric effects
Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of emerging graphical techniques within Sony Worldwide Studios and the wider graphics community
Opportunity to drive forward the direction and quality of the visual effects based on this knowledge
Create viable technical solutions to effects requirements


C/C++, high level shader languages, excellent Maths skills
At least one published game on PS3, XBox360, PC or equivalent
Applied knowledge of a diverse range of graphical techniques
GPGPU experience an advantage
Good communication and intra-/inter-team collaboration skills
Experience of cross-platform development
Experience of Maya (or similar content creation tools)